Instrumentation and controls professional engineering and construction

ICPROE offers a full range of design, application and value engineering study services. All projects at some level need these services for successful execution. These study services are used internally as well as for external client projects.

Our clients include owners, contractors, value and design Engineering firms as well as many others. They use our study services to obtain the highest quality and comprehensive engineering reports possible. We use the same expert services internally to contribute to the success of every project we participate in.

  • Construct ability analysis
  • Independent design review
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Failure risk assessment
  • Security and vulnerability
  • Laboratory, operational and enterprise data flow analysis
  • Instrumentation, controls and SCADA upgrade needs assessments
  • Capital improvement justification
  • Communications/telemetry
  • Expert witness
  • Maintenance Software Integration (CMMS)

As a completely integrated design-application engineering and construction firm, ICPROE offers a comprehensive set of engineering design services.

Integrating instrumentation and controls design engineering with application engineering services sets ICPROE apart from the rest. The ability to directly coordinate between the process, instrumentation and application engineers during design helps ICPROE to deliver the highest quality.

  • Instrumentation, Information, and Control System Design
  • Machine/Process/Facility instrumentation and automation design
  • SCADA and information systems design and application engineering
  • SCADA/PLC/HMI/Data acquisition and reporting configuration
  • Laboratory information management
  • Maintenance data management
  • Intranet/Internet real-time and historical data enabled web applications
  • Enterprise/WAN data acquisition and reporting
  • Communications
  • Local and remote facility communications design and site survey services: Ethernet / Fiber / Radio / Satellite/ Cellular/ Leased Line/ Dial-up
  • Intelligent field bus, serial device and instrumentation integration

At ICPROE, we take pride in the fact that the highest quality workmanship is one of many consistent qualities throughout all areas of our build services.

ICPROE offers construction services using integrated engineering. What does that mean for you and your project?

To ICPROE it means not just the right choices but the best choices for your project. From concept or specification, through delivery and closeout we deliver.

It means reducing costs while enhancing performance– all without compromising the system integrity.
It means we listen and study. You tell us what you want and we tell you what you need to know.
It means we support porno ita every step of the way from studies and budgeting and procurement through construction.
The highest quality in workmanship is maintained through clear and defined standards and milestones.

Our interface webpage

Do you want to interface laboratory instruments by yourself  without coding by programmers having experiences of instruments interfacing?

Do you want to save your instruments’ test results to personal computers without recording by hand on result sheets ?

• Here, you can download software to interface (data acquisition) between clinical laboratory instruments and Personal computer or Laboratory Information Management System( LIMS, LIS ) Host and it is freeware.
• All Interface software in this page don’t require coding by program language(C, C++, Basic, Pascal, etc). you can establish interfacing instruments without coding.
• It’s designed for end users who have no knowledge of program languages in clinical laboratory, you can make interface protocol of any instrument which supports unidirectional or ASTM interface protocol by yourself  with “step by step procedure”.
• Also you can retrieve your acquisition data from instruments with Microsoft Excel(CSV file), although  you don’t have LIMS.
• I think this software supports above than 80% of clinical laboratory instruments in unidirectional communication, maybe.
• If you have any problem or suggestion, please let me know.([email protected])

Jan. 21. 2003 (ver.0.61, Build 1).
• Assistant software to interpret Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test
• Rule-based Expert System.
Yeungnam Interfacer

Jan. 21, 2003. (ver. 0.93, Build 2).
• Interfacing software supporting unidirectional communication
• supports ASTM protocol communication (download and query mode).
• no coding in communication with instruments
• communication with Oracle via ODBC drivers
• List of Instruments tested. (Yeungnam Medical Center and other site)
• supports localization for end user’s languages(partially)
Barcode generator

Jun. 09. 2001 (ver. 0.1).
• prints barcode supporting the popular symbols (EAN-8, EAN-13, Interleaved 2/5, Code 39, Code 128, etc).
Yeungnam Interfacer For ADVIA

Dec. 08, 2001. (ver. 0.6, Build 3).
• Interfacing software for ADVIA 120, Bayer.
• supports unidirectional and bidirectional communication (query mode).
• no coding in communication with ADVIA.
Yeungnam Interfacer For AU Series

Oct. 16, 2002. (ver. 0.61, Build 1).
• Interfacing software for AU Series (AU5400, AU2700, AU600, AU400, AU640), OLYMPUS.
• supports unidirectional and bidirectional communication (mode).
• no coding in interfacing AU Series.
• Reagent’s barcode generator.
Yeungnam Interfacer For Cx

Jul. 24, 2002. (ver. 0.6, Build 5).
• Interfacing software for Synchron Series, BECKMAN
• supports unidirectional and bidirectional communication (download mode)
• no coding in Synchron Series interfacing